Do Not Be Labeled by Skin Tags

The world is full of labels. The inner markings in clothing denote the size and care instructions for a particular item. Electronics let the user know how the product works and the special features included in the device. Even groceries report the nutritional value on all the products consumed. Most labels are meant to be helpful and make life a little easier, but no one wants to be labeled by skin tags.What are Skin Tags?Sometimes, little loose pieces of skin appear to hang from the normal epidermis. The growths can be barely visible piece of flesh seeming to grow and hang loose. For others, the problem can be almost a bulbous growth hanging down and getting in the way.
In most cases, skin tags are nothing more than an unsightly and frustrating growth getting in the way of clothing, or making the sufferer feel ugly and self conscience. Although it normally is not harmful to leave them alone, why suffer the label when something can be done to take care of the problem and feel good again.Do I Have Skin TagsMost people do not even realize they have skin tags. In fact, they seem to be associated with middle age and beyond. Plus, the tags are more common in people who are overweight. Although the cause is not totally clear, skin tags are generally located where folds of skin meet. So, the theory suggests that the problem is caused by a person’s epidermis actually coming in contact with itself and becoming irritated in some way. For example, the majority of people usually have tags around the eyes, in the armpits, and where folds of flesh meet in heavy set individuals. So, a person who suspects he/she may be suffering from skin tags should always consult a physician to clarify the problem and rule out any other potential health issues. Then, the patient can decide whether to live with the tags or take a more proactive approach.What is the Treatment for Skin Tags?Most people who have skin tags choose to do something, especially if the growths adversely affect personal appearance or cause other issues. For instance, skin tags under the arm can be painful when shaving. So, a course of treatments must be considered. Among the choices are:

A piece of thread
Essential Oils
In all seriousness, many patients opt to try the old fashioned method of tying off the skin tag with a piece of string. The method eventually works by cutting off the source of the growth. Thus, it will die and fall off. While this idea may really work, having little pieces of string hanging off the face, or other parts of the body, is not a practical solution. Plus, it can be very difficult for the elderly who are naturally losing some fine motor skills or have trouble seeing small areas.However, the next solution is not a winner either, because it can be painful and leave scarring. Many individuals opt to have the tags frozen off or surgically removed. Both options are more invasive and mark the skin or cause bleeding and scabbing. Thus, it is time to consider a more natural approach with the fourth option.Essential oils are an all natural solution. Made from the extracts of naturally growing plants, regular application can help rid the skin of the problem and restore a more youthful appearance. Although the treatment does not work overnight, many people want to fix a problem of nature with a remedy from nature whenever possible. Why opt to endure pain, old fashioned methods or scarring, when essential oils can address the issue with no fuss or muss.In SummarySkin tags can plague people with growths that are unsightly and uncomfortable. Anyone who has skin is susceptible, especially around middle age. Then, the question is how to endure the new look or fix the problem once and for all. While some may choose the option of cutting off the circulation, freezing, or cutting the tags, others are opting to try a more natural approach.So, if you or a loved one has skin tags, why not give essential oils a try. Neither painful nor scarring, this natural remedy will help restore skin to a healthy appearance without fear of harm. Do not accept being labeled by skin tags for another day. Do something about them now.


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